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Getting our inspection done ensured our house was sold on time and at the right price. Thanks to the team at Buysafe.

Megan – Glen Eden

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We provide a visual condition assessment on the current condition of the home to provide you with a better understanding of what you are buying, We have over 20 years combined building and property inspection experience and our reports are accepted by all banks.



Areas covered by our visual inspection include:

  • Site/Fences,retaining walls etc
  • Foundations (Subfloor Area)
  • Subfloor structure
  • Exterior cladding
  • Exterior joinery
  • Decks
  • Driveway
  • Roof Exterior (If Accessible from 3.9 meters)
  • Spouting and dowpipes
  • Roof Space
  • Interior
  • Insulation (Where Accessible)
  • Moisture testing around windows and doors
  • Health and Safety (General)
  • Photos are taken of all concern areas

Our Inspection process,  Arrive at the property, starting the external  front left corner of the home, continuing to inspect all side elevations, including the base,/Foundations,cladding,joinery,eaves.spouting,down-piping,roofing/flashings which also includes providing the current condition and risk factors relating to the property, which then is documented into the latest software using a smart phone to generate a comprehensive detailed report with photos, which is emailed directly to the client. The interior process is the same by starting left direction from the front entrance, room to room inspections.  We also inspect the ceiling space and what level of insulation is in place. Lastly, we moisture scan around all joinery including wet areas using the lastest techology spot scaning device.  The inspection also covers fences, retaining walls, driveways/paths, ground level risks, drainage risks and carports and garages.  Our reports are very clear and are presented with colour photos to help understand the area of concern.

Whether you are purchasing your first home, or upgrading, a pre-purchase inspection from us could save you time and money, PLUS GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND.

Are you selling your house? Let us speed up the process of selling and put the buyer at ease with a comprehensive Pre-sale building inspection report.

Make The Right Choice, Get a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

We are a Orakei, Auckland based building inspection company specialising in pre-purchase and pre-sale building inspection reports covering Orakei as well as the wider Auckland region.

Why use and choose Buysafe Homes Inspections

  • We have been in the building and construction industry for over 20 years
  • Easy to follow building reports that include photos on aspects of the property from minor to major items.
  • 7 day service with completed checklist summarising findings available at the completion of the inspection, followed by a full report within 24-48 hour turn around.
  • Our inspectors are fully qualified experienced builders and licensed practitions No BP116345



  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Full Written And Verbal Inspections
  • Problem Solving And Advice

What Our Clients Say About Us:

We used John to carry out an inspection on a property we were interested in. We found John very knowledgeable and the report we received was very comprehensive.  We also liked the fact it contained photos highlighting areas of concern.  i would highly recommend Buysafe to anyone.    John Cole.

I am so impressed! The report I received was incredibly detailed and thorough - simple enough for me to understand thanks to the included photos, diagrams, charts and written summaries; and detailed enough to realise the urgency (or non) in relation to each issue (and where to go from there). I was called after the inspection and verbally walked through each potential issue and notified of what could be done to fix it. John also went out of his way to get the report written and sent in a matter…"Alisha

I am writing in regards to John Naisbett who produced a genuine building report for the property we recently purchased on 50a West coast road, Glen eden. John has been extremely honest, effective and professional towards inspecting the house and producing the report. The building report majorly assisted us for finalising our decision to purchase the property. The report was accurately detailed regarding the state of the house. There were no errors found. And was overall a clear and…"Roza

Good professional service, comprehensive and useful report."simon

Nice and easy and very quick service...."Rumesh

John is very friendly and we are happy with the job he did. he gave us a good idea of what we were looking at in terms of house condition and we would use him again. Highly recomended"Nick

Excellent company to deal with. John was very quick in getting back to us on any queries and did the home inspection at very short notice. Report was also provided on the day of the inspection and was very comprehensive."Alex•

Pre purchase inspection was carried out on the requested property within 24 hours of calling and was done to a high standard Thanks"Ryan •

Big thank you john. Profile you sent was well worth the money spent. "WILLIAM

Great service and a comprehensive report prepared at short notice outlining detail items which will save a lot of time and money. Highly recommended."Joe

This is the second time I've requested for Johns service. He is very thorough and explain things well. He provides continuous service even after the inspection, to make sure we get the most out of his builders report. thanks John."Wesley

Incredibly thorough and efficient. John inspected the home at very short notice and provided me with essential and valuable information. Very highly recommended!!!! "Tim

John did a great job of inspecting the property, I was impressed with his knowledge of the building systems used. Without such a detailed report I may have purchased and ended up spending many thousands of dollars to repair the property."Chris

Very impressed with how easy John was to deal with and how quickly I received the report. Will definitely use again."Barbara

Great service to provide piece of mind. "Rob

highly recommended very welcoming helpful easily approachable"Namita Swami

i found buysafe inspections to be very helpful in our process of buying a house. They went through the problems on site with us in detail and quickly prepared a report. This was an invaluable service saving us a few thousand dollars of repairs that the owner agreed to fix. These were all problems picked up from Johns report. I cant recommend then more highly. "Nick

Thank you John for squeezing out appointment in, give the shirt notice of 2 days! Your report was outstandingly detailed and helped us make the right decision not to buy a potentially risky property. Look forward to engaging your services again."Zhi Lee

Extremely professional, knowledgeable and informative. Really knows what he is talking about. Relentless about getting the job done well. Excellent customer service and support, goes the extra mile. Responsive. Can\'t recommend highly enough. "Elizabeth

John is highly-qualified, extremely thorough, and easy to work with. He has been a vital part of our house-hunting, and we\'re very thankful to him and his work for the sake of his customers-in fact, we\'ve been told he caught problems that other inspectors missed. Would highly recommend!"Keith

I must say John is highly skilled, diligent, objective, guided by strong ethics of his practise which is reflected in his recent work he did for me. He discovered so much problems of a 2007 building in Buckland beach property which saved me life long struggle, Big thank you John you will be recalled again. Before you buy you need strong advice and it is wrothwhile spending money on John! "Sunil

I called John the morning that I needed the job done, and he was happy to accommodate me and squeeze me into his busy schedule. Will definitely be using him again for my next inspection. "Corey

We would recommend John's services to anyone. He is reliable, honest and helpful. Thank you"Toni•

We\'ve been using buysafe home inspections for about a year and a half to do 7 different property inspections (both written and verbal). Have found John highly professional, very easy to relate to, and an excellent communicator. John is on time to all appointments. He is flexible and accommodating on inspection times and has turned around one inspection at short notice (within 24hrs on a weekend). Excellent reports, turned around quickly that have good descriptions of problems, referrals,…"Dave And Ange

We used John to do a verbal house inspection for us, he was reliable, very thorough and gave us piece of mind for the house we were looking to buy. Would definitely recommend."Lora

John was very easy to deal with and super responsive for our need to have a swift property inspection prior to going to auction. Great communication and a clear, easy to understand report with photos as required, all emailed to us within 48 hours of the inspection. Top job!"Karen

John was great. Not only was the written report very thorough, he also spent time on the phone with me, helping me understand what I was potentially getting myself into. I will definitely use him again and recommend to others"SB

Communication was good throughout the process but I wasn't advised of the additional, quick turnaround charge until the the report was delivered with the invoice. Paid 40 bucks more than what I expected (and was quoted) to pay."Felix•

Very prompt service with clear reports emailed on the day of inspection. We used Buysafe Homes several times as we went through the frustration of the Auckland auction system but at least John made it easy for us to know what we would be letting ourselves in for with maintenance. He also was very prompt responding to queries and even took specific photos when we had areas we wanted covered in his inspection. We would highly recommend them."Andrew

friends recommended Buysafe Home Inspections as we are so happy they did. We are based in Australia and were placing a lot of reliance on the building report and John went above and beyond to assist us. Not only did we receive a comprehensive report but John also had an in-depth conversation with us, talking us through the issues he had highlighted, what it meant for us as vendors and provided recommendations for next actions. I will definitely be recommending them to friends and using them…"Karen•

Highly recommended. A skilled professional with all the tools required, so much better than getting an opinion from a friendly builder. John did 3 inspections for us and we took his advice every time (that was - No, No, Yes)!"Michael

Great guy. Very professional and would definately go with them again. Highly recommend."Wade.

Reliable Master Builder. Recommended based on my dealings with John. "Rahul.

John helped me with 2 inspection reports for 2 different properties and they were both done very quickly as I only had a short space of time to do the inspections on the properties. He was very friendly, very helpful and the reports were received very quickly after the inspections. John helped me save a lot of money. Highly recommended to everyone. Thanks."Karen.

John\'s building inspection of a house we have now purchased was so in depth the agent said it was the best he had seen in 15 years. Thanks John "Nick

John has done 3 inspections for me now- 2 verbal and one written. He is very thorough and communicates well. Report was well done and helped identify one issues with a potential new house purchase. He spent time talking over the issues with me and helped me understand the significance (or not) of each. Definitely would recommend. "Katrina.

John did a house check for us within 2 days of asking, and I attended the check. He was extremely helpful and communicative, and very thorough. I had complete confidence in him. His written report was comprehensive and very useful, and his work helped us avoid a bunch of trouble. I recommend him and his work without hesitation."Michael.

John was extremely helpful and would absolutely recommend him for prepurchase inspections. We needed a prepurchase building inspection on a house within 24 hours - and it was the weekend. After ringing lots of places we found John and despite being very busy he agreed to help us out. He was very thorough (becauase of time constraints he did a verbal inspection but this worked well as i took notes as he went around the house). Competitively priced compared to others and he didnt skimp on…"Marnie•

We found John Buysafe homes very helpful and would highly recommend anybody buying a home to go through with one of John reports as these are very detailed thanks Buysafe. David

I found Buysafe home inspections great, very good detailed report i did not go through with the house, Thanks John. 25-06-2018

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